A Brands & Branding Initiative

The influence that brands exert on consumer behaviour means they have also become part of the social history of the times, reflecting the fashion, art, literature, technology, health, sport and social norms of the day.

The early days of branding in South Africa date back 200 years to a number of iconic brands very much a part of the branding scene today, such as Nederburg, Mrs Ball’s and Joko Tea.

Many others from the 1800s onwards have also stood the test of time and have rich and instructive histories to share.

The idea of starting a Brand Museum of Branding, Advertising and Packaging was conceived whilst researching material for the Encyclopaedia of Brands & Branding, with the realization that so much of what we would like to know of the past is already lost.

The publishers – Affinity Publishing, have undertaken to establish the museum and get it functioning on a commercial basis before establishing a Section 21 company.


Proposed Museum Venue

The Brand Museum project would like to engage with all interested parties to source and make available a wealth of referenced information, and in time, provide a venue to showcase a wide range of branded product, advertising material, packaging and memorabilia.

It is proposed that the Museum venue will be large enough to host exhibitions, workshops, seminars, product and book launches, meetings, lunches and so on to help cover operating costs.

In the meantime this website shares with you a modest start which consists of –

  1. 30+ early brand registrations from the 1800’s, researched with the help of CIPRO;
  2. A collection of around 300 FMCG products from the 1950s to the 1970s, from the ‘Mr Miller’ collection;
  3. Over 120 posters and advertisements from the past 120 years from the Andy Rice collection;
  4. A sampling of the fascinating collection of Springbok Radio.co.za brand advertising from the 1950s to the 1970s, when the station closed down;
  5. A sampling of the very first TV advertisements flighted on SABC. Compliments of Ornico.

Preferred Location

The preferred location for premises would be Rosebank with its tube station a mere 5 minute hop from the inner city, Sandton and Midrand, and Pretoria only half an hour away.

The Rea Vaya Bus Rapid transit system also passes through, linking a wide network of destinations.

Please make contact if you have any ideas.

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